Myofascial Massage for Treating Myofascial Pain

All kinds of people around the world suffer from myofascial pain and discomfort caused by lack of treatment to the damage done to the musculo-skeletal system and the myofascial system, which can be simply treated with myofascial massage techniques. These techniques are treatment for the trigger points on the body that are found to be stressed, tensed, and/or damaged, causing them to release through particular technique. This also allows other parts of the body to return and restore to full health because very commonly it is hard to understand myofascial pain because the tense trigger points in your fascia tissue aren’t located where the pain is perceived from.

myofascial massage

What is Myofascial Pain and Why a Myofascial Massage for Treatment?

If you’re someone who is suffering from muscle or joint pain, this could very easily be all undone by a myofascial massage, but understanding just what that is and what it is required for, will undoubtedly give you a better understanding of what myofascial pain is and why massage therapy is a great choice of technique that comes into play for those with awful, chronic pain because of their fascia.

Myofascial Massage: How Fascia Hurts and Heals

All of this tension and pain derives from tense muscles, as you might feel and imagine, but this doesn’t begin with our muscles. Our muscles do play quite the role as well though. Surrounding our muscles and bones, we always have a special, very thin layer of tissue, which is known as the myofascia, or most commonly just fascia. It is a web-like tissue that covers almost all of our body beneath the skin, and so connects all of our body together, and creates a net like structure throughout the body. The fascia can affect many areas of the body and different systems, but very commonly this inflamed tissue beneath the skin in the shoulders, back, neck, and legs is the truest culprit, waiting to be more easily healed through myofascial massage.

Myofascial Massage Therapy: Different Kinds

There is more than one kind of myofascial massage that one can have or perform. They are all just about as equally common to seek, but another common action people take is not addressing the issue at all! Some of the different routes I’m talking about are self massage techniques for myofascial pain, or alternatively, seeking a therapist to help you massage and release the tension in the trigger points. Another thing you can try is to use tools, like rollers, balls to roll on, and other equipment to help stretch muscle and hit trigger points that aren’t accessible through self-massage very easily. These are all great ways of getting a ton of the needed relief through myofascial massage when you have muscle and nerve pain from myofascial systems being tightened up.

Self-Massage Myofascial Massage with Equipment

Self-massage myofascial massage methods are sometimes better to reach places on your shoulders that are tricky, for example, and then other times, you may have pain that is originating from a trigger point in your middle back, which is sometimes easier to release by rolling your back on the back to efficiently reach the area of your body otherwise out of reach for your massage.